Terms and conditions

1. General

The following general terms and conditions (the “Terms”) apply to all orders placed by you as a customer (hereinafter referred to as “the Customer” or “you”) regarding e-training on www.elernoacademy.com (“Website”), which is operated by Elerno Utbildning AB, org.no. 559215-5971, Box 165, 281 22 Hässleholm, SWEDEN (hereinafter referred to as “Elerno”, “we” or “us”).

E-courses ordered through us are provided by one of our partners. Elerno owns and operates the Website with the help of training organizers who provide the courses and training.

In order to place an order for an e-education on the Website, you must accept the Terms. By accepting the Terms, you agree to comply with the Terms in their entirety and agree that you have read the information about personal information in our privacy policy, which is part of these Terms. Elerno reserves the right to change the Terms at any time, without prior notice. The version of the Terms that you accept when ordering applies to the order.

If you have any questions about Elerno, or about the Terms, please contact our customer service.

2. Conditions of the training organizers

In addition to these Terms, the relevant training provider’s terms apply to the e-training you order on the Website. You are responsible for reading and accepting the terms of the current training organizer.

3. Content

On the Website, we present as detailed a description of the e-courses as possible in order for you to receive detailed information about the course content. As we continuously work on developing our courses, this may mean that the course content may deviate from the course catalog description. We must therefore make a reservation because there may be a lack of information or minor changes regarding a certain course or education.

In case you have comments on the course content, please contact our customer service.

4. Ordering

Ordering e-training can be done either orally by phone, in writing via e-mail or via our website. The booking is made by you choosing one or more e-courses that you wish to order. You are responsible for ensuring that the information you provide when booking is correct and up-to-date and that the information is kept up to date if necessary.

After completing the order and we have received complete information from you, you will receive a confirmation email from us. If you have not received a confirmation email as soon as possible after your booking, please contact our customer service.

5. Order and price confirmation

Order and course confirmation as well as, where applicable, login information is sent to the customer and to course participants when the order has been processed and confirmed. Agreements are considered entered into through the order and price confirmation. As the courses and training are provided online, there is no possibility to subsequently cancel or change the order.

All contact is via the e-mail address you provided in connection with the order. Your login information and other customer information must be kept strictly confidential and must not be disseminated. You are responsible for ensuring that your login information is stored securely and is not disseminated.

From the time an order is placed and we have confirmed the booking, the e-training for specified participants is normally received within 12 hours.

6. Price

Current prices for courses and educations are displayed on the Website. All prices are stated included VAT unless otherwise stated on the Website. We reserve the right to adjust our prices if necessary. A confirmed price is not affected by changed prices.

7. Payment

Ordered course is paid directly by card through our checkout and we use Stripe as a payment service. Payment for the e-training is made to us, and thus not to the training organizer who provides the course or training.

8. Personal data management and data protection

We process personal data in accordance with our privacy policy in force at any given time.

9. Right to finish course prematurely

Elerno reserves the right to terminate a course or training prematurely for a Customer who violates these Terms or the training provider’s terms. Termination takes place in such a case with immediate effect.

10. Customer’s responsibility

When buying an e-education, access to course and education material, etc. applies. only for the person or persons stated in the order confirmation. It is not allowed to distribute the content to others or share passwords to the user account. The service requires internet access. You are responsible for the costs incurred for the use of internet connection.

11. Copyright

The courses and educations as well as the course material provided by us or the education organizers are copyrighted and may only be used for agreed use. It is forbidden, without written permission, to share, copy or distribute Elerno’s or training organizers’ materials.

12. Course certificate

After completing the e-education, a course certificate is issued for participation in the course. Some courses include a test to ensure the course participant’s knowledge that has been imparted, which is then stated in the course certificate.

13. Disclaimer

The content of the educations and courses is intended as general information and is not intended to be exhaustive or sufficient as a basis for the Customer and the course participants to make decisions on specific issues, etc., but is only intended to be used for information purposes and does not constitute advice.

In the event that Elerno could nevertheless in any respect be held liable in any respect, the liability shall never cover indirect damages, such as loss of profit, or other consequential damages. Elerno’s total liability for errors, delays or other breaches of contract is in any case limited to what the Customer has paid to Elerno.

14. Dispute

In the event of a dispute between Elerno and the Customer due to these Terms or for any other reason, the parties shall in the first instance try to resolve the dispute by mutual agreement. If the parties cannot agree, the dispute shall be decided by a general court with Hässleholm District Court as the first instance.

These Terms apply from 2021-03-01